• Red Wine Hot Chocolate

    Red Wine Hot Chocolate Recipe It’s so nearly December now which means I feel I can legitimately abandon all diet and healthy eating programmes until 2nd January 2018. No more 5:2, carbs-a-plenty and more booze than you can shake a stick at. The next four weeks is definitely all about the eating and drinking, the… [Continue Reading]

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    Red Wine Hot Chocolate
  • Tiny Treacle Pecan Tarts

    Tiny Treacle Pecan Tarts Recipe This Thursday sees Americans celebrating Thanksgiving. This holiday, sadly, doesn’t extend to the UK, as I could definitely do with an extra day off this week to get my head round the forthcoming festivities. Sunday sees George turning 15 and I am hosting a lovely family lunch. This weekend is… [Continue Reading]

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    Tiny Treacle Pecan Tarts
  • Beef and Soy Casserole with Coriander Dumplings

    Beef and Soy Casserole with Coriander Dumplings Recipe I love a casserole, but sadly, I am very much alone in my house with this stew based adoration. The boys used to love my Annabel Karmel beef and carrots baby food but sadly, that was the last time anyone, other than me, enjoyed a casserole supper.… [Continue Reading]

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    Beef and Soy Casserole with Coriander Dumplings