• A Summer Gooseberry Fool

    Gooseberry Fool Recipe Gooseberries for me are a vintage treat, a reminder of puds from the past. A gooseberry crumble and custard is a wonderful memory from my youth even though I would never rate the gooseberry particularly highly on my list of favourite fruits. The gooseberry is of the hairy variety which I usually… [Continue Reading]

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    A Summer Gooseberry Fool
  • Spicy Prawns with Green Beans

    Spicy Prawns with Green Beans Recipe I am celebrating tonight. George sat his last GCSE this morning so my nagging days are over, until September at least. I feel exhausted in every way, it’s as though I sat the 30 odd exams myself. I have shouted, sworn, cried, baked, hugged, comforted; every range of emotions… [Continue Reading]

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    Spicy Prawns with Green Beans
  • Whisky Cold Brew Cocktail

    Whisky Cold Brew Cocktail Recipe Coffee and whisky, just I what I need after 6 weeks of GCSE’s. Well I probably need a year of therapy but for the moment, a Whisky Cold Brew Cocktail will have to suffice. It’s been tense and I am sure I have been as little fun to be a… [Continue Reading]

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    Whisky Cold Brew Cocktail