• Lemon Mascarpone Cake

    Lemon Mascarpone Cake Recipe I know I am a bit of a pig, but I really could eat a whole jar of lemon curd single handedly. It’s so unctuous and rich, I am always looking for recipes which utilise this tart spread, rather than just slathering it on thick white bread and butter. When I… [Continue Reading]

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    Lemon Mascarpone Cake
  • Chilli, Honey and Lime Duck

    Chilli, Honey and Lime Duck Recipe I am always on the look out for a new dinner party dish. We have been decidedly lazy over the summer with entertaining, but now the summer hiatus is over, it’s full steam ahead. I love having people over for dinner, but I really don’t want to spend all… [Continue Reading]

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    Chilli, Honey and Lime Duck
  • One Bowl Blackberry Blondies

    One Bowl Blackberry Blondies Recipe Autumn, the season of something or other and mellow fruitfulness. I was never very literary, however, I do love a bit of mellow fruitfulness. Or blackberries to be more precise. I do find, as with raspberries, their seediness somewhat offensive, however, when they are cooked they seem less annoying and… [Continue Reading]

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    One Bowl Blackberry Blondies