• Slow Roast Lamb with Layered Potatoes

    Slow Roast Lamb with Layered Potatoes Recipe In the dark winter months I love making a fuss over Sunday lunch. In the summer it’s all about the getting out of the house and into the fresh air, but at the moment all I want to do is stay indoors and lie on the underfloor heating.… [Continue Reading]

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    Slow Roast Lamb with Layered Potatoes
  • The Scotch Rickey

    The Scotch Rickey January is a bloody miserable month with it’s dark, soggy, dank mornings and lack of funds. However, despite having a badly behaved child, work not filling me with joy, no money and love handles I am trying to remain positive. We still have our health, food on our table and a roof… [Continue Reading]

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    The Scotch Rickey
  • Beetroot and Raspberry Smoothie

    Beetroot and Raspberry Smoothie Recipe As you know, I do love a food fad, but also I object to a new year, new you scenario. I subscribe to the school of a little of what you fancy does you good. However, I did rather overdo the ‘little’ of what I fancied over Christmas and am… [Continue Reading]

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    Beetroot and Raspberry Smoothie