• Cherry Bourbon Fizz

    Cherry Bourbon Fizz Recipe Now I know I say this a lot, but bloody hell it’s been a long week. The fact I thought it was Thursday on Tuesday was never going to end well for me. I am in the limbo that is the time between George’s birthday and Christmas which is quite a… [Continue Reading]

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    Cherry Bourbon Fizz
  • Homemade Cherry Bakewell Nakd Bars

    Homemade Cherry Bakewell Nakd Bars Recipe I am borderline Homemade Nakd Bar obsessed. Even though I consistently fall on and off the sugar/no sugar wagon, these relatively unattractive slabs of solid deliciousness remain a constant for me. I actually would rather eat a Homemade Nakd Bar than *some* chocolate now. I say some, because nothing… [Continue Reading]

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    Homemade Cherry Bakewell Nakd Bars
  • A Favourite Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe When I was growing up my mother owned an extensive collection of Cordon Bleu Cookery School magazines. I think they were a series of publications which built up into a set covering all different areas of cookery such as chicken, cakes, soups, etc. They were glossy and had brilliant photos, I… [Continue Reading]

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    A Favourite Chicken Cordon Bleu