• A Burns Night Haggis Shepherd’s Pie

      Haggis Shepherd’s Pie Recipe It’s Burns Night this Friday which is a super excuse to eat Haggis. And to drink whisky. Haggis is a real love it or hate it dish. Most people who hate it are put off by squeamish olden day talk of it being something to do with a sheep’s stomach.… [Continue Reading]

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    A Burns Night Haggis Shepherd’s Pie
  • A Warming Red Wine Mule

    Red Wine Mule Recipe It’s bloody freezing. I don’t mind really, I quite like the cold, crisp weather, but I’ve got a hacking cough into the bargain, so the chill will not be helping matters. So far this week I have been quite well behaved and had nothing stronger than Buttercup cough syrup, so it’s… [Continue Reading]

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    A Warming Red Wine Mule
  • Tahini Sesame Cookies

    Tahini Sesame Cookies Recipe Once again, as I sit here with my jeans feeling really rather snug, I search for what I should be eating over the coming week. I have an awful penchant for sweet things at the moment having not denied myself a single mouthful of anything over the festivities. I have completely… [Continue Reading]

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    Tahini Sesame Cookies