• A Delicious Golden Sour

    Golden Sour Recipe I am often asked *well I was once* how I go about picking the Friday cocktails for Lucy Loves. Sometimes I base them on forthcoming occasions, sometimes it’s because I have a new bottle of booze I am excited to use and sometimes I just pick a cocktail because the name makes… [Continue Reading]

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    A Delicious Golden Sour
  • A Sticky Syrup Loaf

    Sticky Syrup Loaf Recipe Sometimes the need for cake is strong but the will is weak. That’s the kind of mood I’m in a the moment. Motivation is low and I am just not in the mood for eating anything remotely healthy. I have had a cold for two weeks, the wind has whipped my… [Continue Reading]

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    A Sticky Syrup Loaf
  • Orzo Bolognese for an Instant Pot, or Not

    Instant Pot Orzo Bolognese Recipe I love a kitchen gadget. So much so, Clyde has now installed a one in, one out policy for any new purchases *miserable old git*. Over the years I have made some brilliant acquisitions, for example my Magimix, and some shit ones, such as an electric rotisserie oven, amongst others.… [Continue Reading]

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    Orzo Bolognese for an Instant Pot, or Not