• Corndog Muffins

    Corndog Muffins Recipe It’s nearly Hallowe’en, well a week or so away, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and post this brilliant Corndog Muffins recipe. Hallowe’en is such an American phenomenon, so what better food to enjoy than these quintessentially US style treats. My boys/men are now way too old to go… [Continue Reading]

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    Corndog Muffins
  • A Grumpy Old Man for a Grumpy Old Man

    Grumpy Old Man Recipe Clyde’s not really a grumpy old man, well not all of the time, but he did turn the big 49 this week, so he’s at least of those things. There’s a scant 3 months of the year when we are the same age, so hooray, as of Monday, I am younger… [Continue Reading]

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    A Grumpy Old Man for a Grumpy Old Man
  • Rich Coffee Granola

    Coffee Granola Recipe When I was offered some wonderful coffee pods to review from Real Coffee I leapt at the chance. Coffee is one of my passions, along with 80s films, pink roses and Salad Cream, so having to drink a lot of it seemed like a super treat. And it was a treat. Real Coffee… [Continue Reading]

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    Rich Coffee Granola