• Raspberry Gin and Tonic

    Raspberry Gin and Tonic Recipe Christ it’s been a long and really quite stressful week. a) it’s my first week of being 47 and I feel quite elderly b) I am the accountant at work as our real, qualified accountant is on holiday and c) we have been eagerly awaiting Ben’s A level results. The… [Continue Reading]

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    Raspberry Gin and Tonic
  • An Easy One-ish Bowl Sprinkle Cake

    One Bowl Sprinkle Cake Recipe We are a house on the edge. We are 24 hours from finding out if Ben is off to university and it’s tense. We are all taking the stance of what will be will be to reduce tension and, as he’s my first born, I will be so much happier… [Continue Reading]

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    An Easy One-ish Bowl Sprinkle Cake
  • Cheesy Marmite Biscuits

    Cheesy Marmite Biscuits Recipe If you are a regular reader you will know I love a little nibble. Almost as much as I love a double entendre in fact. I spend a lot of time seeking out things to nibble when I have a drink which doesn’t involve me eating a huge bowl of salted… [Continue Reading]

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    Cheesy Marmite Biscuits