A Mudslide for an Easter Cocktail Friday

Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

It’s finally Easter and it’s time to put your feet up and spend some time with your friends and family over the long weekend. When our family spend time together we eat, drink and laugh together *fingers crossed*. I am, given my food blogger status, mostly in charge of the eating and drinking departments and we all share the laughing responsibilities. I have already been given my requests for desserts over the next 3 days and have plenty of drink ideas up my sleeve. Including today’s extra special Good Friday Cocktail, the Mudslide.

I know it’s only April and the temperature has plummeted after last weeks balmy heights, but I couldn’t resist proffering a frozen cocktail this week. This Mudslide has the wonderful qualities of an unhealthy, fruit free, frozen smoothie. It contains some of my favourite Friday Cocktail ingredients, including vodka, Irish Cream and coffee liqueurs, along with a giant slug of double cream. In my mind, there’s nothing to dislike here. All these favourites blitzed up with ice to create the least healthy slushy of all time. This Mudslide cocktail is the sort of drink you would enjoy on an all inclusive holiday, so I wouldn’t limit your blender to just making one today.

If you are travelling to see family this weekend, remember to pack the ingredients for a Mudslide as I do think families, booze and laughter all go rather well together and this little creation will certainly make for a Happy Easter.


In a moment of scattiness again I forgot the double cream for this Mudslide, I promise I hadn’t had a few during the making of this post. What a lovely selection of drinks that I did remember, however. This is such a tasty cocktail, just perfect for Easter, it’s sweet and delicious.

Make a start by adding a big handful of ice to your blender or NutriBullet.


Now pour in the vodka and Irish Cream liqueur.


Finally add the coffee liqueur and double cream, or milk, then blitz this not-smoothie until smooth and delicious.



Decorate your chosen glass with the chocolate garnish of your choice. I chose these Easter golden eggs, but do feel free to slather on the chocolate sauce/syrup in or around the glass too for additional chocolatey goodness.




Rich, creamy, iced this is a cocktail/dessert all in one. Serve this post dinner with some chocolates and you will have all the festive fun and laughter you can handle.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful, peaceful Easter break.

Lots of love

Lucy x

Mudslide Cocktail Recipe

Makes 1

You will need a blender or NutriBullet and cocktail glass

A handful of ice

25ml Vodka

25ml Irish Cream Liqueur

25ml Coffee Liqueur

25ml double cream or milk

Optional chocolate eggs and chocolate sauce to decorate

Take a blender and add a big handful of ice.  Pour in the vodka, Irish Cream Liqueur, coffee liqueur and cream. Process until blended into a frozen smoothie like consistency.

Pour into a large cocktail glass, decorate with a drizzle of chocolate sauce if you have an extra sweet tooth.

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